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Frequently Asked Questions

Sponge Candy is unique to Western New York. It’s similar to malted milk balls but contains a very airy center not found in regular malted milk balls. We don’t put malt into our Sponge Candy, either – our family recipe boasts a sugar and corn syrup center that actually rises — giving you a spongy inside that melts in mouth! Our Sponge Candy has a chewier texture than malted milk balls and a lot more flavor – absolutely delicious!
Absolutely. Oliver’s uses a special packing process complete with ice pack to ship our fine chocolates all over the world, even to the hottest climates or during the hottest weather. When you call to place your order, we’ll make recommendations depending on the destination of your order and the weather.

Yes. For a comprehensive description of our Gift Certificate Program, click here.

You can visit our store or call us from 9:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. Eastern time, year round. We are open every day except Christmas Day and Easter Sunday. You can also fax us 24 hours a day and we’ll get back with no later than the next business day. When you visit or call Oliver’s you will be greeted by someone who is happy to talk to you and happy to help you out, not a machine or electronic menu. (Our fax number is at the bottom of every page on this website, next to the 800 number.)

Oliver’s is located at 211 West Main Street, Batavia, New York, 14020. We’re easy to get to, right off Exit 48 on the New York Thruway. Go south one mile to where Rte. 98 meets Rte. 5, then make a right hand turn. Oliver’s is right there, you can’t miss us. Of course, we are very easy to get to by simply clicking through to our order section or calling our toll free number – 1-800-924-3879!

Since we make all of our own candy right here at Oliver’s, we can customize any box of candy. We can also pack it in anything you like. Send us your container, and we’ll fill it with the candy of you choice for just the cost of the candy. Yes, even that old sentimental Valentines Day box you have saved. It will be our pleasure!

Yes. If you want to add additional items to our Gift Baskets, you can stop by our store, call to order, or order on line and we can ship the product to you. Once you get the Gift Basket, you can add additional items before you send the gift. Of course, we’ll be happy to put a personalized card or a special item in the Gift Basket for you, and ship it directly for you.

Our boxed chocolates start at $12.50 and prices could go as high as $900 for Oliver, our four foot solid milk chocolate Easter bunny! For under $20, Oliver’s Candies is the best tasting and most memorable gift you can give, it’s that good. Our prices include your wrapped packaged order with a personalized card. You can’t beat it.

Absolutely! Oliver’s candy is always fresh. We make all our candy in small batches. Even though our candy has a ten month shelf life, we turn all our candy over in 30 days or less. Our entire factory and store are temperature controlled. No moisture or odors can get into our candy to lessen its flavor or quality.

There is a one time service charge to make your mold. After that, you can order throughout the year, as needed or desired. We can take your business card for example, and pack it in the middle of a one pound box of chocolates. We can put your custom designed candy in a basket, glass dish, tray, or tin – whatever you like. We have several different presentation containers and different levels of pricing on the items to suit everyone’s needs, tastes and budget.

We can take your custom order over the phone, by fax or e-mail or by snail mail. It usually takes about 10 days from the time we receive your logo to the date you receive your order. And regardless of the types of chocolate and flavors you select, the price stays the same!

fax: 585-343-2453     info@oliverscandies.com      Oliver’s Candies  211 West Main St. Batavia,N.Y. 14020

Yes. We can make a custom mold for you. We also have molds on hand, such as Seasons Greetings, Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, etc. The molded candy is packaged in a box with slits in it, into which you insert your business card.

Yes, we have a Corporate Gift Program that is completely customized to your needs and objectives. Some of our Corporate customers send us a list of names, some send a price range, some ask for baskets or other special items such as a chocolate card with their company logo on it. Click here for more information about our Corporate Gift Program, or give us a call. We are happy to set up a Corporate Gift Program that suits your needs and budget.

Yes, we can. Our calligraphy artist will hand make a card for you, or we can generate your gift cards on computer. Give us a call and we’ll fax you samples.

Anytime! We figure there are at least 34 great times during the year for candy gift giving, including the World Series, Secretaries’ Day, Bosses’ Day, and Grandparents’ Day. And that’s just for starters.

Everyone wants to give and get candy at Easter, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving and Father’s Day.

There’s always a good reason to give chocolate. Birthdays, anniversaries, to celebrate friendships, teacher’s gifts, incentives, thank-you’s – we could go on and on! In fact, here at Oliver’s we’re happy to notify you ahead of time that a special gift giving opportunity is coming up. Just give us a call and we’ll set it up for you.

Oliver’s carries the largest selection of award winning chocolates in Western New York. Over the years, we’ve entered many competitions, with many different candy companies. During these competitions, all the candy is judged by our peers – other companies that make and distribute candy just as we do. Everyone samples the candy and casts their votes based on the way the candy is packaged, how it tastes, and other criteria. During one international competition for example, Oliver’s entered eight different categories and won seven categories outright as well as Best of Show! We’re especially proud of this because all judging was done by our peers in the industry.

Our one pound milk and dark chocolate assortment. You can get it at a great price in a very nice gift box. It’s a great gift to give.

It will be our pleasure to assist you. Our customer service people love to help you make exactly the right selections for your needs.

The tallest and biggest piece of candy Oliver’s makes is our four foot milk chocolate Easter rabbit. We call him “Oliver,” of course. We mold Oliver hollow – he weighs in at 32+ pounds – and sell him for $295. We can mold him solid, too. It takes us three days, costs more, but – what a chunk of chocolate!

A lot! During the Easter season alone, we produce 30 tons of milk chocolate rabbits!

At Oliver’s, we process orders within 2 days – 48 hours or less. The exception is holidays when it takes up to 5 days to process your order. Normally, we strive to get your order out the very next day. Most of our products are in stock and we make candy every single day. We manufacture according to need, so if a particular type of candy is selling, we make more of that product.

A substance that helps prevent or delay oxidative damage caused by reactive oxygen and or reactive nitrogen species.  Oxidative damage to the body, cells and tissues may contribute to diseases like cancer and heart disease.  Fruits, vegetables, nuts and whole grains are high in the antioxidant vitamins, carotenoinds, C and E.  Flavonoids and phytochemicals, found in foods of plant origin, also act as antioxidants.

Dark chocolate that contains a minimum of 35% chocolate liquor.  Bittersweet and semisweet both fall under this definition;  however, bittersweet is often the term used for chocolate with a minimum of 50% chocolate liquor.

Seeds from the pod of a Theobroma tree.  Native to the tropical Amazon forests.  Commercially grown worldwide in tropical rainforests within 20 degrees latitude of the equator.

A methylaxanthine that naturally occurs in plants, found in leaves, seeds and fruits that acts as a mild stimulant to the central nervous system.

A common substitute for chocolate comes from the seed of the carob tree.  Carob bars have the same fat and calories as chocolate bars.  Carob is often used as the placebo in clinical trials looking at chocolate.

This is the pure, straight-from-the-bean chocolate.  The center of the cocoa bean is ground into a smooth liquid state (There is no alcohol in this!).  It is also called “chocolate liquid”.

Cocoa powder is the solid left after the cocoa butter is pressed out of the liquor.  Cocoa powder often undergoes a Dutch Process that reduces its natural acidity.  Dutch cocoa is milder tasting and blends better with milk.

This is called “Fat Bloom”.  The result of inadequate tempering or temperature abuse of a properly tempered chocolate.  Visible as a dull white film on the surface of the chocolate with the possibility of a soft or crumbling texture on the interior.  A visual and textural defect only.  The product is fine to eat.

Or “Sugar Bloom”.  Visible as a dull white film on the surface of the chocolate.  dry and hard to the touch, sugar bloom is the result of surface moisture dissolving sugar in the chocolate and subsequent recrystallization of the sugar on the chocolate surface.  Typically caused by cold chocolate being exposed to a warm humid environment with resultant condensation forming on the product.  A visual and textural defect only.  The products fine to eat.

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